Curtis is a mental health therapy bot that comforts users with short, accurate, and empathetic responses using deep contextual NLP models.

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On March 22nd of this year, in the peak covid time in Los Angeles, I read news about how people losing jobs and facing anxiety and depression issues because of the pandemic.

Using contextual learning to avoid limitations of existing profile screening systems can help recruiters and managers to filter candidates for their job requirements.

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Screening resumes play a crucial part in hiring the right talent for an organization. However, this process is laborious, so the organizations use automatic screening systems for filtering resumes.

Perception vs Reality on the “21st century sexiest job”

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Last week I was talking to a senior software engineering manager from a well-recognized company. While talking to him, he said that Data Science will be automated soon. I was curious and asked him why he thinks it will be automated. He said that there are many easy-to-use tools that can build, train and tune machine learning and deep learning models automatically. I agreed with him but also said that building and tuning models are just a small part of the Data Scientist job.

Kaushik Shakkari

Data Scientist at Cognistx | My biggest success till day was converting my passion to my profession (Data Science ❤️)

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