Modern Day Data Science

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A modern-day Data Scientist can extract the voice of people or customers from their data in a million different ways and use the information to drive the business value for their company.

After attending multiple conferences, meeting different Data Scientists, and working for many companies, I want to list the top non-technical skills needed for a successful Data Scientist that cannot be automated in this modern world.

1. Passion

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Passionate Data Scientists tell people what cool things they are trying out — people get really excited about that. They’re not going to say you tried and you suck, they’re going to say, “Wow, you actually did something. That’s cool!” — Hilary Mason

2. Patience and Persistence

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Data Scientist cannot be a 9–5 employee. Some part of the problem is always in their mind!

3. Purpose and Pride:

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Data Scientists take pride in “how much business impact they made and how many people they helped than just how many advanced techniques they used.”

New technologies will come and go, which is why people now believe that whatever shines in the tech world won’t remain for a longer time. I also agree that programming knowledge, cloud technology, database skills, etc are essential and might get automated because of technological advancements. However, the automation of these skills will only accelerate but won’t automate the whole process of solving problems for Data Scientists. Moreover, as some parts of Data Science will see automated processes but the field of Data Science and the demand for Data Scientists will continue to grow.

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Kaushik Shakkari

Kaushik Shakkari


Senior Data Scientist at Cognistx | My biggest success till day was converting my passion to my profession (Data Science ❤️)